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The Ketogenic Snack that helps your body lose the fat! What are LifeKUBES?

In short, LifeKubes are an all-natural, organic, whole food that is specifically designed to provide a perfectly balanced ketogenic food. A ketogenic diet is natural for all humans! LifeKubes are designed to help people stay on track to achieve and sustain the ketogenic state whereby the body consumes fat for energy all day (and night)!

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Step 1: Understand The Plan
LifeKubes are a “Functional Food” that helps you stay in ketogenesis – which is where your body consumes fat for energy. This is a healthy, rapid fat loss plan that preserves muscle and gives you lots of energy! The first step is to be willing to make changes!
Step 2: Order Your LifeKubes
LifeKubes automate and simplify your success by giving you a natural, whole food that is ketogenically balanced. Fill in meals and snacks to solve your busy schedule and simplify your success.
Step 3: Learn The Plan!
The Shopping List, No-No List & Food Plans are available to help you get on track quickly. While your LifeKubes are shipping – go to the grocery store and get foods you love to support your regular meals.
Step 4: Stay On Track!
Just eat as the plan directs you, choosing foods you love from the food list! Journal what you eat and track your results! Our coaches are here to help! Best of all, the LifeKubes Guide will guide you step-by-step through the plan, tracking your success! Just follow the plan!

What can Life Kubes Do For ME?

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The fact is simple, high-carb foods are addictive – creating a desire for more sweets and resulting in the painful rollercoaster of health challenges and yo-yo diets. Here are a few facts:

The Truth About Carbs

    • • Carbohydrates are NOT an essential nutrient, which means you don’t need them.


    • • Unbalanced carbohydrates convert to glucose, promoting insulin spikes and fat storage.


    • • Carbs have about the same effect on your body as sugar and are addictive.


  • • You can’t burn fat and store fat at  the same time – excess carbs = stored fat.

Lose Fat while sustaining muscle

Your body can’t store fat and burn fat at the same time! Your body uses glucose first and pulls needed amino acids from your muscle. Once you switch your body to a ketogenic lifestyle, your body uses ketones for energy! Ketones come from fat and help you build & preserve muscle! And yes – the fat goes!!


Enjoy lots more energy!

High carb foods spike your blood sugar and drop you on your tail – often literally! Feeling the drag at 3pm? Once your body converts to using ketones for energy, you have a continuous supply of energy to fuel your brain, your body, build muscle and support healthy body function.


Sleep better!

Yes, carbs again – when your body chemistry is not balanced, your system is on its own chemical roller coaster. With biochemically correct LifeKubes, your system has the support it needs to normalize and get better rest! You’ll notice in the morning!


Increase sports endurance

Ketogenesis is one of the best-kept secrets in high-end sports. With improved muscle generation, extreme endurance, a reduction of inflammation, improved recovery and extreme focus – your body is at its best.


Improve mental clarity

Did you know that your brain’s fuel is fat? You must consume healthy fats every single day! Healthy fats are considered an “essential nutrient”, which means you do not produce it and it is required for life. But, you need the RIGHT fats… donuts don’t cut it, sorry! LifeKubes deliver your perfect food for keto-clarity!


Knowledge Is Power!

Success and permanent results are empowered by the knowledge to achieve your goals. It’s time to unlearn the propaganda and get the facts about the human body! Join our weekly webinar series for education, support and coaching!

How Do I Use The LifeKubes?

In short, you eat them!!! But, yes, there IS a strategy!!


LifeKube as an Appetizer or dessert


LifeKubes as a Snack Between Meals


LifeKubes as a Meal Replacement On The Go


Kubes a day to Simplify Your Life!

Empowerment To Succeed

Learn To Lose! Register to Join a Live Webinar!

Success is simple when you have the knowledge to make it happen. We are committed to your success and offer you the knowledge needed to empower you to achieve your goals. The action is up to you, but success is finally within reach. Need some support? Register to join our regular webinars for knowledge and live answers to your questions!

Believe it or not, it actually is pretty easy to get into a ketogenic state and stay there.

It starts with commitment… a little bit of will power and some tools to help you! Here are some tools to help you succeed!!

Step 1: How Does The Program Work?
Step 2: The Shopping List
Step 3: The Rules & The No-No List!
Step 4: Detoxing Your Bad Habits
Step 5: Food Plans & Getting Started

Lisa H

“I have tried every diet plan there is and, yes, I lost 40 pounds, but keeping it off has been a painful battle that I have not been winning. In my first 6 weeks of following the LifeKube program, I am down 6% body fat, my muscle % went up, I have so much more energy and my pants are getting looser every day. I’m not hungry, my cravings are gone and I feel shockingly great. Still just so excited!! Finally!!”

Lisa H
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