Understanding Ketogenesis

Ketones Vs. Glucose

Fat burning or fat storage – that is your quickest definition.  As we said before, your body can NOT burn fat and store fat at the same time – it is one or the other. Your body looks for glucose (converted from sugar/carbs) first…before anything else. As long as there is glucose in your system, your body will consume that first.  When glucose has been depleted, the body converts to using ketones for energy – which comes from fat and correct conversion in the liver. When you convert your body chemistry into a successful ketogenic state, you are using fat for energy!  Side effects of a ketogenic lifestyle may include increased energy, better sleep, fat loss, increased mental clarity, improved endurance, improved sports performance, lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, improved mood, lower inflammation and who knows – maybe even longer life, as burning ketones for fuel vs. glucose produced 30% fewer damaging free radicals!  A longer-term ketogenic eating plan also helps to “turn on” your body’s innate antioxidant production.  In short, this is how we were meant to eat!

Principles Of The Program

Lemon Water Flush:  Every morning, squeeze the juice of one small lemon or half of a large lemon into an 8-oz glass of warm water.  Drinking this each morning helps to flush your gallbladder, giving you an alkalizing antioxidant benefit while preparing you for a healthy day of burning fat.

OProCyn Boost:  One healthy dose of these antioxidants in the morning on an empty stomach will help support healthy blood sugar levels, cleanse your system, help release toxins, boost your immune system and provide endless benefits to balancing your total body health.

Life Kubes:  These LifeKubes are a comprehensive food source, providing a proper balance of protein, healthy-necessary fats, fiber and other nutrients.  They are designed to specifically keep you in fat-burning mode (ketogenesis) while curbing your appetite, boosting your energy and giving you a tasty, satisfying, nutritious food that makes success easy!

Get Kubed 1-2-4:  LifeKubes are easy to use – just eat them!  You can have one LifeKube before a meal to help make sure you stay in fat-burning mode.  You can have 2 as a snack between meals or as a late-night snack or dessert.  Lastly, you can have 4 LifeKubes to replace a meal on-the-go.  It is so easy to stay on track with a Grab & Go Pack of LifeKubes.  You will probably be full before you finish!  Eat no more than 12 LifeKubes per day, depending on your choices in the food plan.

TIP:  Enjoy your LifeKubes and eat them slowly!  It takes time for the body to register food and the LifeKubes are designed to help balance your hunger.  Give them time to send the message!

Step 1: Understand The Plan
LifeKubes are a “Functional Food” that helps you stay in ketogenesis – which is where your body consumes fat for energy. This is a healthy, rapid fat loss plan that preserves muscle and gives you lots of energy! The first step is to be willing to make changes!
Step 2: Order Your LifeKubes
LifeKubes automate and simplify your success by giving you a natural, whole food that is ketogenically balanced. Fill in meals and snacks to solve your busy schedule and simplify your success.
Step 3: Learn The Plan!
The Shopping List, No-No List & Food Plans are available to help you get on track quickly. While your LifeKubes are shipping – go to the grocery store and get foods you love to support your regular meals.
Step 4: Stay On Track!
Just eat as the plan directs you, choosing foods you love from the food list! Journal what you eat and track your results! Our coaches are here to help! Best of all, the LifeKubes Guide will guide you step-by-step through the plan, tracking your success! Just follow the plan!