What To Expect

If you can simply follow the plan and stick to it, exactly as it is written, you will achieve a ketogenic lifestyle, during which your body uses fat for energy.  It takes about 2-4 days to get into this first state, ketosis (fat burning and ketone production (ketogenesis) for energy) – at that point, continued focus keeps you there.  In about 3-4 weeks, your body becomes keto-adapted, where the brain now is also shifting to its preferred energy source – ketones – for energy.  Did you know that there is no healthier energy source for brain health?  You are now adapted to living on ketones (from fat burning) for energy.

This food plan is designed to provide you a quick explanation and guide to success, but for those who need to understand the science behind the system, watch our web site for studies, education and answers that explain the science of body chemistry and how this system is biochemically designed to burn fat quickly, efficiently and most importantly, healthfully. Get ready for the best health of your life.

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Step 1: Understand The Plan
LifeKubes are a “Functional Food” that helps you stay in ketogenesis – which is where your body consumes fat for energy. This is a healthy, rapid fat loss plan that preserves muscle and gives you lots of energy! The first step is to be willing to make changes!
Step 2: Order Your LifeKubes
LifeKubes automate and simplify your success by giving you a natural, whole food that is ketogenically balanced. Fill in meals and snacks to solve your busy schedule and simplify your success.
Step 3: Learn The Plan!
The Shopping List, No-No List & Food Plans are available to help you get on track quickly. While your LifeKubes are shipping – go to the grocery store and get foods you love to support your regular meals.
Step 4: Stay On Track!
Just eat as the plan directs you, choosing foods you love from the food list! Journal what you eat and track your results! Our coaches are here to help! Best of all, the LifeKubes Guide will guide you step-by-step through the plan, tracking your success! Just follow the plan!